Lively brings young and older people together to help each other out

What we do

We believe that young and older people have so much to offer each other, and so much to gain from connecting. We exist to bring them together. Here's how:

We train and employ young people who are looking for a job

To spend meaningful time with older people

Helping them learn how to use technology to stay connected

Our Programs

We employ young Lively Helpers to provide friendly help with technology for older people at home, in community centres and in residential aged care. 

1:1 technology help

Our young Lively helpers provide one-to-one technology help for older people and home care clients in the comfort of their own home or at a local cafe or library. 

Tech, Tea and Tales

In partnership with Humankind Enterprises, our Tech, Tea and Tales program employs young people to visit older people in residential care, helping them with technology and recording their life stories and experiences. 

Group classes

We run group classes in seniors' centres, libraries and community centres for older people who are interested in learning how to use iPads to connect with friends and family, pursue interests and access information.

Lively pop-ups

We run pop-up sessions that provide friendly opportunities for older people to get a taste of new technology, or to get their latest questions answered.