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We work with aged care providers, businesses and community partners to deliver technology help and social support services to your clients and community members.

Home care

Our young Lively helpers can provide personalised, one-to-one help with technology and companionship for your home care clients. Sessions are offered in clients' own homes or in a public place of their choosing, and are eligible for funding through clients' home care packages.

Residential care

Run in partnership with Humankind Enterprises, our Tech, Tea & Tales program employs enthusiastic young people to help residents learn new ways of connecting through technology, and to record their life stories and experiences.


We run engaging group sessions, pop-up events and community activations for our business and community partners. We also work with organisations who need support to upskill their older clients or community members in technology.

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Watch us at work

In 2016-17, we worked closely with Humankind Enterprises, Golden Plains Shire Council, Estia Health, Meredith Community Centre, Haddon Community Learning Centre and the Bannockburn library to tailor and deliver our Tech, Tea and Tales program for the unique and very special Golden Plains community. This is what it looked like...

Some of our partners

Keen to learn more and discuss how we can work together?