Lively Home Care

Get the help you need to live well and stay connected, while supporting a local young person's employment and development!

Lively Home Care offers home help with a difference. We match you with young, caring and enthusiastic Helpers who bring their skills and energy to help you stay connected and live well in your own home and community.

In turn, you bring your lifetime of experience and offer our Helpers the chance to learn from you, do meaningful work, and build the skills and confidence needed for their future. Working consistently with just one or two Helpers over time, you’ll get to know, learn from and support each other – forming a real and valued connection that’s about much more than ‘home care’.

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Some things our Helpers can support you with include
  • Help keeping the house and garden clean and tidy
  • Assistance with shopping and basic meal preparation
  • Company to pursue your interests and hobbies
  • Transport to help you get out and about
  • Help with walking or caring for pets
  • Help with personal care and medication management
  • Help with learning about and using new technology
  • And much more!


We bring a flexible and imaginative mindset to the care we provide, and are always open to finding creative ways of supporting you to make daily life more exciting, enjoyable and fulfilling.


As a small and accessible team of people working with you to deliver your care, we offer heaps of scope to tailor support to your unique goals, without over complicating things or requiring you to jump through tedious hoops. Get in touch to talk us through your needs and ideas!

How it works


Had a home care package allocated, and need to choose a provider? Or simply looking to arrange some immediate support? We’ll meet with you to get to know you and understand your goals, then together develop a care plan and budget. We love building care plans that meet your practical needs as well as reigniting interests, social connections and your unique spark.


We help match you up with one or two Lively Helpers who we think you’ll hit it off with, and who have the appropriate training and qualifications to meet the needs you’ve expressed. We pay close attention to the matching with your Helpers, and include you in the process, to ensure that you’re happy with your Helpers and can form a genuine and meaningful friendship - one that feels like a valuable exchange, rather than a transaction.


Guided by your care plan, you work with your Lively Helper to schedule visits and manage how you use your time together. Unlike many other models of care, we trust you to know your own needs best and to determine what you’d like your Helper’s assistance with each week, rather than slowing things down with unnecessary red tape. Want help with cleaning one week and a coffee buddy the next? No worries!


We step in to support you if ever you need help, advice or to change your care arrangements. And if your Lively Helper can’t meet a particular need, we help bring in others who can. Our Care Manager is always available to assist you, and we have systems in place to give you and your family visibility of your schedule and budget, as well as to facilitate streamlined communication about your care.


As a not-for-profit organisation, our intent is to maximise the care you get from your home care funding, and we’re not in the business of charging any more than is necessary for us to be able to deliver high-quality support. We steer clear of unnecessary or hidden fees that whittle away at your funds, so you won’t find us charging exit fees or adding a margin on top of any third party services that you ask us to arrange.


Our standard pricing is shown below, along with an estimate of the care hours you can expect to receive based on your home care package level (if you have one). Don’t have a package and just need some immediate help? No worries. We can still offer support in accordance with the hourly rates shown below. Our full pricing schedule is available here.

Hourly support rates

Type of supportStandard HoursNon-standard HoursSaturdaySundayPublic Holiday
Lively Helper support $45 $50 $64 $80 $95
Health and clinical care $88 $123 $123 $158 $180

Care management fee

 Level 1 PackageLevel 2 PackageLevel 3 PackageLevel 4 Package

This is 15% of your package funds, which covers the time involved in working with you to coordinate and plan your care.

Cost per fortnight

$52 $91 $197 $299

Avg. hours per fortnight

1 1.5 3 4

Package management fee

 Level 1 PackageLevel 2 PackageLevel 3 PackageLevel 4 Package
We charge 5% of your package to cover the cost of administering funds, monitoring you budget and preparing your monthly statements.

Cost per fortnight

$17 $30 $66 $100


Average hours of support per fortnight, by package level

Based on full use of your available budget on Lively Helper services, during standard hours.

About our Helpers

At Lively, we have a dual mission to provide great support to our members AND employment opportunities for young people. Our Helpers are caring and compassionate young people who are eager to make a positive contribution in our community, and who are looking for the opportunity to take the first steps in their career.

All our Helpers have passed police checks, are screened for empathy, enthusiasm and commitment, and receive training in-house to ensure they are ready to work with you and listen carefully to your requests. Importantly, any Helpers who are involved in providing personal care or more complex support will always have formal qualifications in Aged Care, Disability or Individual Support. We're serious about inspiring and equipping young people to provide safe, high-quality services to older community members, and invite you to join us in giving the next generation a go!

“It’s been a breath of fresh air – it’s been a Godsend! I wouldn’t have been able to go to the places we’ve gone on my own, and I wouldn’t have the flexibility if I was with a Council thing. They have all these set ideas – ‘this is how you help people’ – this isn’t like that. We seem to click in well… I would have her as a carer any day. She’s marvellous – I’ll give her 100%!”

“I’m very, very grateful. I feel very lucky – it’s so good. For somebody like myself who has multiple disabilities, who physically can’t do things that I used to be able to do easily, having this process of being able to have somebody there who does those little things, it’s almost quite humbling because there’s nowhere else I can get the help. She’s very honest. It’s a secure feeling to know that ‘I can wait until Ebony gets here’’.

In joining Lively Home Care, you become part of a special community of young and older people who are working to support each other in flexible and creative ways. We're excited about the future and potential of aged care in Australia, and invite you to join us in bringing our vision of a caring, connected and supportive community to life. Keen to be a part of it, or to find out more?

Get in touch with us by filling in the form below or by calling our Care Manager, Libby, on (03) 9070 4716 to find out more and chat about how we could work together. We're currently active and delivering services across metropolitan Melbourne, but don't hesitate to contact us if you live further afield - we may still be able to help. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

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