Re-imagining home care: how we’re bringing young and older people together to change the game

Reflecting on both of these challenges, Anna was struck by an exciting idea. What if these two seemingly unrelated problems could be brought together to solve each other? What if we could employ young jobseekers to provide services and supports that would help older people maintain connection and wellbeing? And in doing so, create connections across generations, and spaces for older people to share their experience and knowledge back with the young — breaking down ageism, and building a more age-friendly community.

1. What would great care and support really look like from the perspective of older people and their families?

2. How would the proposition of a young person who is less like a ‘care worker’ and more like a ‘grandkid who comes and help out’ land with older people and their families?

3. How could we foster meaningful connections and relationships between older people and the young people who come to help them out? Relationships that are two-way and based on mutual exchange, rather than positioning older people as passive ‘recipients of services’?

4. How would young people respond to this model? Would they be interested in providing these broader supports, and how far would this interest stretch?