Tech, Tea and Tales at the Victorian Seniors Festival

At this year’s Victorian Seniors Festival, we were thrilled to partner with StoryPod to launch Tech, Tea and Tales – a series of pop-up technology help and story sharing events, employing ten young jobseekers to teach older people about technology, as well as recording their life stories and experiences on film.

Held in five community areas around Melbourne, the events were a tremendous success – not to mention a huge amount of fun! Older participants learnt how to use new technologies (such as iPads and smartphones) to connect with their friends and family, pursue their interests and access information, while our young Tech and Story Helpers learnt a huge amount from the stories and experiences that older participants shared. As one of our young participants remarked:

‘I think I learnt that you can really take life in whatever direction you want. Sometimes it feels like you have to study, work, have kids, retire and then die. But the conversations I had with older people made me see that life is so exciting and you can do what you want!’

You can watch the event video to hear more about it below.



Tech, Tea and Tales was made possible by the amazing support of The Funding Network and the generous individuals who donated to bring our work with StoryPod to life. Building on the terrific success of the first Tech, Tea and Tales series, we will be rolling out further events and community programs throughout 2017. Sign up for updates to stay up to date on the next events, or contact us to discuss hosting a Tech, Tea and Tales event near you.