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Learning on the go: trialing Lively Home Care

Over the course of the last seven weeks, thirteen older residents of Darebin Council area in Melbourne and three young helpers aged 18–23 have been working together to try out a new vision for home care. During this time, the helpers, who have no formal training in caring outside of that provided by Lively, have been providing a helping hand, support and companionship to our Lively “members” — the older participants in our trial.

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Lively co-design: because we have to do it together

“If you have come to help me, you are wasting your time, but if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.”
— Aboriginal Activists Group, Queensland, 1970s

This quote, born out of Australian indigenous activism, neatly expresses how we want to think about Lively Home Care; it acts as a compass for us as we navigate the uncertain territory of designing a new model for caring.

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‘It’s the principle of it’: how we’re building a home care model based on principles

Those who read our previous post will know that at Lively, we’ve been playing with an exciting idea; the idea of re-imagining home care, and developing a home care model that employs young jobseekers to help older people stay connected and live well.

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Re-imagining home care: how we’re bringing young and older people together to change the game

At Lively, we’re working on ideas and service models that we think have the potential to fundamentally reshape Australia’s aged care landscape. And we’re excited about sharing our journey and learning as it happens with others who are interested in building a more positive future for young and older people. We hope that the ideas, insights and learnings shared through these posts provide inspiration for others to follow, or prompt you to reach out if you’re keen to replicate or collaborate. Here we go!

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