Lively brings
young and older
people together to help each other out

We create meaningful work opportunities for young jobseekers, spending time with older people and helping them learn how to use technology to stay connected.

Ethan & Margaret

Ethan - "It's been absolutely amazing - Margaret's good value, good to talk to, always good for a laugh. There's been a lot of stuff that she's done that wasn't stereotypical. And she just thinks it's nothing because Margaret's modest, but it's really cool to hear stories like that".

Margaret - "We got on very well right from the start. So I think that was very nice, between a young man and an older lady! Our companionship has been one of the best things. We've had lots to talk about, and I'm gonna miss him if he doesn't come around no more!"

Thanks to Inna I have been able to see the photos my family overseas are sending me by email of their new baby - before I had to pretend to have seen them but now I can!

– Leah

It’s opened up new horizons for me! It’s letting me go forward, like life hasn’t finished. And age doesn’t come into it, because I’ve realised that each day is a learning day. It’s wonderful!

– Jane

Partner with Lively

We work in partnership with aged care and community partners to provide technology help and social connection for older people, and meaningful work opportunities for the young. Find out more about how we can work together.


As a not-for-profit organisation, donations from our generous community of friends and followers help us to increase the number of young and older people that we can support. Your fully tax-deductible donations can make a difference today!

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