Lively employs young people to help older people stay connected and live well.

At Lively, we believe that young and older people have a whole lot to offer one another, and so much to gain from connecting.

We exist to spark the connection.

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"[Ashleigh's] very good, a hard worker... She takes initiative, she suggests things... she can do things that the Council people can’t touch."

– Pam

"Ebony’s been a Godsend... She’s such a fast worker... I could go on my knees to thank her... I’ve never been in this position before to be so grateful for the help that you have offered... Everything has been completed that I asked for... I'm exceptionally happy."

– Willeke

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We work in partnership with aged care and community partners to provide technology help and connection services for older people and meaningful work opportunities for the young. Find out more about how we can work together.

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As a not-for-profit organisation, donations from our generous community of friends and followers help us to increase the number of young and older people that we can support. Your fully tax-deductible donations can make a difference today!

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