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Do you need a hand with something, or have skills and experience to share? Become a part of our Lively community of young and older people connecting and supporting each other:

Help With Technology

Learn how technology can help you stay connected to friends and family, pursue your interests and access information.

Lively Memory Archiving

Preserve your lifetime of printed photos in a digital archive that can be passed down for generations to come.

Want to contribute?

Share your skills

Share your practical skills with young people who are keen to learn from you.

Be a mentor

Put your life experience to use as a mentor for young people in need of support.

What other people have said

'Really that's been the best part for me - the interactions between the older ones and the young ones. I really liked that'

"The young people we had were very patient and understanding... they explained things clearly and at no point made us feel 'old' or 'stupid'."

'I think it's been very good, because older people often look at iPads as if they're going to break or something - but these weeks have taught me that really it's a wonderful tool, and you've just got to get in there and use it! And not be frightened of it! Now I feel as if I'm joining the REAL world.'