About us

At Lively, we employ young jobseekers to provide meaningful, paid support to older people who need a hand, and engage older people to share skills and experience back with the young.


Our vision

No young or older person feels unwanted or undervalued because of their age.

Our mission

To connect generations, create meaningful employment for young jobseekers and increase the connectedness and inclusion of older people in our community.

Why we exist

Too many young and older people feel excluded, forgotten or unwanted in our community, simply because of their age.

  • 2.5 million older Australians have felt ignored, unwanted or discriminated against because of their age. 
  • 4 in 10 older people experience loneliness or social isolation 
  • 580,000 young people can’t find an employer who will give them a chance, simply because of their youth and lack of experience

We exist to build a better future. One in which no person experiences exclusion or disadvantage because of their age, and in which all young and older people are supported to live meaningful, connected and fulfilling lives.

We believe that by connecting the many things that young and older people have to offer each other, and by bringing them together to support each other, we can enhance young and older people’s sense of worth, value and inclusion in our community, and build a society that better supports and appreciates people of every age.


Young people transition out of unemployment into meaningful and fulfilling work

Young and older people become more connected, breaking down isolation and negative ageist stereotypes

Older people feel more supported, connected and valued in our community


Anna Donaldson

Founder and CEO

Hayden Doward

Design Lead

Brenda Tang

Social Media and Marketing Intern


Michelle Taylor

Senior Consultant, Matrix on Board Consulting

Not-for-profit governance, strategic planning

Marie Baird

Lead Trainer, Consumer Action Law Centre

Adult education and training, social impact measurement

Olivia Whitty

Director of Business Development, Change.org Australia

Marketing, internet marketplace strategy, business development

Howard Morey


Public Accountant, Chartered Secretary, small business owner, Finance, IT, human resources, governance and strategy

Cate Keane

Project Manager, COTA Victoria

Service design, aged care sector expertise

Rebecca Cain

Consultant, Think Impact

Impact measurement and evaluation, social return on investment

Katherine Leong

Associate Director, Product and Channel Development at National Australia Bank

Impact investment and organisational funding

Work With Us

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